November 27: Trained Puppy Training Diary

For some families, raising a puppy from 8 weeks is overwhelming and too risky. You don’t know what your puppy’s personality will be as they mature. You have to deal with teething, potty training, crate training, and socializing your puppy in the midst of a pandemic. Purchasing a trained puppy is the right solution forContinue reading “November 27: Trained Puppy Training Diary”

The Myth of the Big Backyard

Think of the stereotypical American dream. Picket fence, golden retriever playing in the yard with the kids. A big back yard, with plenty of lush, green grass. It’s this beautiful, Hollywood-created fantasy that everyone can picture in their mind. That big backyard isn’t just part of this fantasy home. It’s a thing that many peopleContinue reading “The Myth of the Big Backyard”

Best Places to Hike with Dogs in Louisville, KY

WHAT ARE THE BEST PLACES TO HIKE WITH DOGS IN LOUISVILLE, KY? Louisville and the surrounding suburbs are full of great parks and trails to enjoy with your dog. There are hiking areas available for every skill level, and enough variety to keep things fresh and interesting. Hiking is tremendous exercise for both you andContinue reading “Best Places to Hike with Dogs in Louisville, KY”