Explore Our Beautiful Winchester, KY Dog Training Facility!

We are located on 8 acres of pristine Bluegrass just outside of Lexington, KY. Our dog training programs are built around giving your dog a fun and enjoyable experience, while also teaching them reliable obedience and vital life skills. We have 8 acres of open green space, which is used for both training and freeContinue reading “Explore Our Beautiful Winchester, KY Dog Training Facility!”

November 27: Trained Puppy Training Diary

For some families, raising a puppy from 8 weeks is overwhelming and too risky. You don’t know what your puppy’s personality will be as they mature. You have to deal with teething, potty training, crate training, and socializing your puppy in the midst of a pandemic. Purchasing a trained puppy is the right solution forContinue reading “November 27: Trained Puppy Training Diary”

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