Explore Our Beautiful Winchester, KY Dog Training Facility!

We are located on 8 acres of pristine Bluegrass just outside of Lexington, KY.

Our dog training programs are built around giving your dog a fun and enjoyable experience, while also teaching them reliable obedience and vital life skills. We have 8 acres of open green space, which is used for both training and free exercise. We have a country setting, and are able to practice obedience around rabbits, birds, and other good distractions in our training spaces.

During down time, each dog has their own spacious kennel to relax in. Our dog area is a large, open sunroom attached to our house, and is completely climate controlled for your dog’s comfort. The entire space is cleaned thoroughly twice a day, and is completely sanitized between groups of dogs. We do not take on any aggression cases, and all dogs on the property are fully vaccinated, so your dog’s safety is never in question. We have kennels for all sizes of dogs, including one custom East Coast crate designed for our giant breed guests.

The dogs also spend lots of time in the main house with us, which is crucial when we are working with family dogs who are going back into your house around food, house guests, etc. The dogs are part of meal time while working on their place command, work on manners at the door when the UPS guy comes, and practice settling and relaxing around each other in the living room.

We are located only 3 miles from I-64, and are just a half hour drive from Lexington, Paris, Winchester, and Georgetown. We offer complimentary pick up and drop off services to any of our clients in the greater Lexington area. If you would like more information about our Winchester, KY dog training facility and our Distraction Program, please reach out for more details.