Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option if you want to learn along with your dog. Our lesson programs are done in your environment, ensuring that your dog is learning skills specific to your home. Manners and obedience are both critical, and are both included in these programs.


This private lesson program is set up to build great obedience and perfect manners with dogs over 6 months old. We will teach your dog obedience commands (sit, stay, come, place, heel, wait), but beyond that we want to build a dog who is a great companion outside of obedience. We will tackle things such as jumping, greeting politely, counter surfing, and barking, and will introduce your dog to a remote collar and make sure that they are fluent with it.

You will get…

6 Private Lessons

Training Leash

Remote Training Collar ($200 value)

Follow-Up Support

Training Video Playlist

Perfect Puppy

This lesson program is set up to help your puppy reach their full potential! We will work with you and your puppy in a series of private lessons to establish good manners, obedience, and to work on problem areas such as potty training, teething, jumping, and crate training. Puppies who graduate from this program have the option to come for a board and train program at 6 months old to polish their skills, and add off leash reliability.

You will get…

4 Private Lessons

Long Line

Treat Pouch

Training Video Playlist

Phone/Email Support

Add-on Option: 2 week board and train at 6 months

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