Lexington’s Best Dog Training

We build reliable obedience and perfect manners.

Barking at everyone who walks past the house.

Tackling guests when they walk through your door.

Dragging you toward every person, dog, and tree you pass on a walk.

Does this sound familiar?

Dogs are our family members, and amazing additions to our lives, but its hard to include them in everything when they are out of control. When you start dreading walks, or avoiding having friends over, your dog’s behavior has started to take over your life. Our programs are set up to bring you the dog of your dreams.

Relaxing in the house, not caring what bike or squirrel goes past the house.

Walking down the street right next to you, with your leash loose and no worries about who walks by.

Greeting guests with four paws on the ground, and giving you space around your doorway.

This is all just a phone call away. Enrolling your dog in one of our board and train programs ensures great training, in a great environment. All of our student dogs stay in our home with us, not in a kennel building somewhere. They are around when we are cooking meals, grabbing a package from the UPS guy, and having people come visit. Real world training, for people who really need their dog to behave with everyday life distractions.

igp schutzhund trophies

Our Dog Training Services

We offer a highly regarded Distraction Program that takes your dog through extensive training in three weeks. Your dog comes and stays with us for a three week board and train at our beautiful 8 acre facility in Winchester, KY. We teach them: sit, down, stay, come, place, heel, kennel, wait, break, and a solid system of reward and correction. More than 1000 dogs have graduated from this program successfully, including all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

We also offer sport dog training for Mondioring and IGP. Training is available in club settings, as private sessions, or as long term board and trains.