Board and Train

Our #1 program is our boarding school option. Boarding school truly is the best of both worlds. Your dog will stay in a home environment with a professional trainer, and will learn all of the skills that they need to be a well mannered dog. This program includes important obedience commands, socialization, and learning good manners in all aspects of life.

Denali performing all of her obedience commands in public.

There have been changes to our boarding school policies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please click here to learn about how we are protecting our staff and clients.

Standard Board and Train

Our Standard Board and Train program is for dogs who have mild behavioral issues, such as pulling on leash, reactivity, jumping on people, and counter surfing. Dogs who graduate this program will have reliable obedience that makes them a joy to live with and allows you to enjoy taking them out on walks, to the local cafe, or to your favorite park.

The Standard program is three weeks long, and includes boarding, training, and three go-home lessons during the transition period. These lessons can be split between your home, our facility, and public parks.

You will get…

3 Weeks of Boarding School

3 In-Home Lessons.

Follow-Up Support

Training Handouts

Training Collar

Off Leash Collar (if desired)


Behavior Modification Board and Train

Dogs with issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, and environmental fears and phobias need more time than just three weeks. These dogs also need more tailored approaches, and we make sure to not only teach them new skills, but to teach them how to shift their mindset and be more comfortable with the world around them.

We also do more intensive transition lessons with this program than we do with our standard board and train, because it is vital that each owner knows how to handle their dog in every situation they could encounter.

This program lasts between 4-6 weeks depending on the needs of the dog, and includes four go-home lessons.

You will get…

4-6 Weeks of Boarding School

4 In-Home Lessons

Follow-Up Support

Training Handouts

Basic Training Collar (based on the needs of the dog)

Off Leash Collar (if desired)

Muzzle (if needed)


How to Sign Up

If you are interested in a board and train program for your dog, please contact us so that we can get a spot reserved for you.

Where Will My Dog Stay During The Board and Train?

During the board and train program, your dog will stay with Sam in her home with the rest of the board and train dogs. The program dogs divide their time between training sessions, house time, yard play groups, and down time in their kennel. Because your dog is staying in an actual house, the training very closely replicates their normal lifestyle.

When you bring your dog for training, you will need to drop off a few things with them. You should bring their normal food from home so that they do not experience any issues switching food types. You are also welcome to bring any favorite treats, toys, or bedding. Your dog’s normal medications and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention can also be dropped of if they will be needed during the stay.

Go Home Lessons

At the end of our training programs, you will come back into the picture and start learning what your dog has learned. The good news is that we have done all of the hard work for you! All you need to do is learn the commands and learn how to handle a trained dog.

The first lesson will typically be at our location, and you will spend about an hour with us learning all of the commands and how to correct and reward your dog. The next lesson will take place in a public park or similar area where you will take all of those skills and practice them around more distractions. At the last lesson, we will come to your house and make sure that all of the training transitions smoothly to your home environment.

During our Behavior Modification program, we add 1-2 more transition lessons to cover additional environments, situations, and skills that may be required for a more challenging dog.

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