Available Dogs

We occasionally have trained companion dogs for sale. Our dogs are all home raised, professionally trained, and from health tested parents.

Dream Dogs

Our trained companion dogs are home raised, professionally trained dogs that are hand selected by our head trainer. These puppies are raised until 6-8 months of age, at which point they are ready to head to their new homes. We do all the hard stuff for you. Puppies are potty trained, crate trained, socialized, taught manners, have learned basic obedience foundations, and have experienced travel to new places.

Our puppies receive regular veterinary care, are fully vaccinated and dewormed, and fed quality dog food. We select our breeders based on a couple of factors. The most important is health testing with the parents. They are screened for issues such as joint and eye conditions. This screening is done through OFA, and verifies that your puppy’s parents are free of health issues that they could pass on.

“I received a dream dog (one of the dogs that the trainer raises from a puppy and trains) a couple months ago from Kentucky Dog Training and extremely impressed. He is such a sweet and gentle boy who is well behaved and obedient. It really makes the joy of dog ownership much better when your dog is completely trained. Everyone I come in contact says he is such a well trained dog. I am very happy with the trained dog I received and highly recommend Kentucky Dog Training for your dog’s training needs. It will truly make a difference.” -Brandon W.

Currently Available

We do not currently have any trained puppies available, but we do have puppy raising programs in partnership with trusted breeders. You will get your puppy from a breeder we work with, and they can come to us for puppy raising for a time frame that you specify.

You can choose as little as a month of training, which will get you through those difficult early weeks of crate training and potty training. Or you can choose 6-12 months of training to get you a dog who is fully off leash trained, with a high level education in obedience.

Breeds We Have Partnerships In

  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retreiver
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler

Previous Dogs

Mira, Golden Retriever- SOLD