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Sport Dog Training

IGP: IGP or Schutzhund is a 3 phase sport with a lot of challenges. We will walk you through the training we are doing with current dogs, and how we teach behaviors in all 3 of the phases (tracking, obedience, protection).

Competition Obedience: Are you having issues with your heeling, or with your retrieves? Follow along with AKC obedience dog Clue, and watch him learn all of his AKC obedience behaviors with joy and precision.

Puppy Foundations: Having a sport puppy can feel like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll show you how I raise my puppies, how I start and build engagement, and how to get that all important foundation that everyone is always talking about.

Mondioring: Watch malinois Toast learn the sport ofMondioring. Follow his journey to his first trials, watch how I train and proof different exercises, and watch how I work on protection skills when we do not have a decoy.

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-4 live video a lessons a month, covering whatever topics you would like to work on

-Coaching and feedback in real time, and a professional trainer guiding you through the process via Zoom or Facetime

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