Will My Dog Forget Me at Boarding?

“I Don’t want my dog to forget me” is one of the most common concerns people have about a board and train Program

This is understandable, as your board and train might be the longest period of time that you have ever been away from your dog. The reality is that in the over a thousand dogs we have boarded, not a single one has every forgotten their owners. In fact, the reunion with their owner is one of our favorite parts because the dogs are so excited! Have you seen those videos of dogs greeting an owner that was off at college or the military? Even after months and years, one of the beautiful things about dogs is they will remember you.

We are just a small part of your dog’s life. We work with them for a short period of time, teach them a wide variety of skills, and then transfer all of those skills back to you. Your relationship with your dog is already well established by the time they join us for training. While your dog also has a great relationship with us, it’s not the same. We are there for a season of their life, while you are there for a lifetime.

Puppy Board and Trains

One of the big reasons that we wait for dogs to be 6 months old when they come for training, is that those first couple of months are really important for bonding with you. We want your dog to have a great relationship with you, and be familiar with your home. One of the most important aspects of a board and train is that your dog performs the same at your home. Having an established life there makes this much easier, because your dog is already familiar with you and your lifestyle.

Younger puppies can also get board and train style training, but the transition piece can be trickier. One of the key pieces to keep in mind in these situations is that your puppy hasn’t spent as much time at your house. You might have to help them adjust to your routine and lifestyle, as it isn’t quite patterned for them yet.

poodle runs through a grass field

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are another category to consider. A lot of people worry that their dog will feel abandoned being dropped off somewhere after being adopted. The reality is that dogs in our program are well cared for and comfortable, and are getting lots of activity. It doesn’t resemble a shelter or rescue situation, and they have a blast! A good boarding facility should be a “home away from home.”

The one situation we will be careful is for very recent rescues. For example, if you just adopted your dog a few weeks ago, board and train should probably wait for 2-3 months. This goes back to the relationship building stuff with puppies. We want your dog to know you, be really familiar with you, and to get attached to you. Shelter dogs can take a little bit to settle in, and that couple of months lets them establish themselves before training.

a cattle dog mix at his board and train

If you have any other questions about the board and train process, feel free to contact us!