Dream Dog Diaries: Dec 12

Polo (formerly Solo)

Polo the lab is getting ready to go to his new home in Iowa! This wonderful boy just got his hip and elbow x-rays, and everything looks fantastic. There is no better peace of mind than getting a young dog who you know is healthy both physically and behaviorally.

Polo also got neutered yesterday, so he will be all healed up and ready to start his new life by the time he goes home in January. He can’t do any serious training while he’s recovering, so he’s going to get some nice relaxing time off.

Brutus (formerly Luke)

Brutus also has a new home! He will be going home around Christmas time, and will have a great family who has an older female Boxer who will be his new buddy. We have already started on his name recognition training with his new name.

Brutus is also working this week on his sit, his place command, relaxing in the house, walking on leash, and continued socialization. He is sleeping 8 hours through the night regularly, and is an angel in his crate.


Leia is still looking for her forever home, but she’s in no rush. She’s having a blast playing with her Kong while I’m writing this blog post. Her name recognition training is going well, although she may end up with a different name when she finds her new family.

Leia is responding really well to leash training, and is sleeping 8 hours through the night with no complaints and no messes. She is learning sit, place, and wait at all of the doors. She and her brother are going to start going on a few field trips this week as well.


Stay tuned for more information about Cody, the newest dog to enter the program! We will add some more info about him later in the month.