November 27: Trained Puppy Training Diary

For some families, raising a puppy from 8 weeks is overwhelming and too risky. You don’t know what your puppy’s personality will be as they mature. You have to deal with teething, potty training, crate training, and socializing your puppy in the midst of a pandemic. Purchasing a trained puppy is the right solution for some.

Because we are a dog training facility, we have the resources and set up to still be able to provide safe and productive socialization. We get the puppies through all of their crate training and potty training stages, and teach them proper manners from Day 1. They will understand all of their basic obedience commands, and the older puppies have extensive off leash and advanced obedience work. Check out their progress through our weekly training diaries!


Solo is working hard on both on and off leash obedience. He is a very happy, social boy, so distractions from people are one of the hardest areas for him. Toward the end of today’s training video, you can see him recall away from somebody petting him. This is a big deal for a labrador! You can also see that we do Solo’s recalls when he is free and running loose in the field. We are very particular on how our recalls are trained, and reliability is super important. Real world recalls should be from a dog who can have fun with people, dogs, food, etc, and still recall away from them to come to you.

Solo is available to go home Jan 15 when he wraps up his training program. Contact us to reserve him.

Luke and Leia

The dynamic duo are such a joy to spend time with! These puppies are both very confident and outgoing, and love to meet new people. As with any social dog, it is important that they learn proper manners for greetings. Boxers are too big of a breed to be jumping all over people when greeting them. Luke and Leia are also working on learning “sit”, “wait”, “break”, and some toy retrieve skills.

But it can’t be all work and no play! They get plenty of time to be puppies, and play with each other and with some neutral adult dogs. We are super excited about watching these two grow up.

Luke and Leia are available as early as December 23 as graduates from our trained puppy program. They are also eligible to stay longer and complete more advanced training.