Meet Our Dogs

Meet the Kentucky Dog Training crew!

I’Modoc Des Loups Roccia Nera RATI RATN CGC “Modoc”

Modoc is a Belgian Tervuren who I imported from France when he was 11 weeks old. Mo went to college with me, has traveled all around the country, and has learned how to do a half dozen dog sports. Mo is from mostly French ring lines, and we spent several years doing lots of mondioring training together. He also loves to do agility, barn hunt, dock diving, and disc dog.

Mo is a really valuable employee of the business! He is a very neutral dog with new dogs, which is very important when we are working on sociability for new dogs in our programs. You may also see him in the background of many of our training videos as a distraction dog.


Psycht’s Temper The Wind At WayOut CGC CD BN RN BH “Temper”

Temper is an Australian Cattle Dog who was bred by Ingrid Rosenquist of Psycht ACDs. I co-own her with Rebecca Elder of WayOut Australian Cattle Dogs. Temper is 7 years old, and competes in competition obedience and rally. She earned her AKC Companion Dog, Beginner Novice, and Rally Novice titles as well as her IPO/Schutzhund BH.

Temper is the other half of my neutral dog team. She is great at building confidence for timid puppies, and also helps rowdy dogs learn some manners. You would never know that she was 7 because she has the energy of a much younger dog.


D’Wildcat 16130 IPO1 “Wild”

Wild is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois who came from Todd Dunlap in Hadley, PA. Wild is a wonderful IPO/IGP dog and I am very excited to have started his competition career. He is off to a great start with nice scores on his IPO1, and plans to finish his titles in 2019 before beginning to compete in bigger trials.

You may see Wild in action as a demo dog, particularly is you are interested in pursuing dog sports with your dog.