FAQ: What goes into the price of a fully trained dog?

The price of our Dream Dogs does vary from dog to dog, but generally is between $10,000-15,000. This price is based on the quality of the dogs in our program, the massive amount of training that goes into them, and the other things that we provide along with the dog.

In this post, I will breakdown all of the costs associated with raising and training these dogs. Then I’ll go into more detail about what is included in each area.

Price Breakdown

Well-bred Puppy- $2500-3500

Vaccines, Preventative Care, Spay/Neuter- $1100

Training- $2000 per month (4-8 months of training is standard)

AKC Registration- $65

Microchip and Registration- $25

Equipment and Supplies- $600

5 Private Lessons- $1000

So if you were to get an 8 week old puppy, and raise them in a professional training program until the 8 month mark, you are looking at an investment of about $16,500. By comparison, our program eliminates some of your stress, extra expenses, and the headaches of raising a young puppy through potty training and teething.

Let’s examine each category in more detail.

Getting Your Puppy

Our puppies are not from random breeders, or from people producing sub-par dogs. We work with health tested parents, well socialized puppies, and dogs from solid pedigrees. There is nothing more heart breaking than raising an 8 week old puppy and falling in love, only to discover they have genetic health or temperament problems. Utilizing the right genetics eliminates that risk, and gives you peace of mind.

Veterinary Care

Our dogs receive regular veterinary care, including vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, flea and tick repellant, other health screenings. Our dogs all get bloodwork done before their spay or neuter to ensure that they have good organ function, and are healthy enough to go through surgery. We handle all of the recovery from the spay and neuter, and make sure that healing happens according to plan.

Daily Professional Training

This is the most expensive, most time consuming, and most valuable category. Our puppies are raised in the home of a professional trainer, and get daily training sessions. They are safely socialized with people, kids, dogs, loud noises, and new places. They are exposed to stairs, riding in cars, and things like vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. They learn on and off leash obedience, how to play fetch, and how to relax in a crate. They learn not to jump on counters or people, and to come when called. More than 100 hours a month go into their individual training.


AKC registration is included in the price of your dog, as is lifetime registration of their microchip. Microchips are the best way to ensure your dog makes it back to you if anything ever happens where you get separated.

Equipment and Supplies

We feed top quality dog food and treats during the training process, and want dogs to get the best possible start. When dogs graduate, we send home a kit of supplies for you. This kit includes: 1 large bag of dog food, 1 crate, 1 dog bed, multiple quality toys, multiple bags of treats, a training leash, a remote collar, a regular collar and leash, shampoo, flea and tick prevention, as well as all of their paperwork.

Lessons with You

When you are ready to bring your dog home, we work with you one on one to make sure that the training transfers to you. We offer more transition training than any other company. Below are some videos of one of our graduates demonstrating how well his training transferred to his new owner.

A Smart Investment

When you get one of our Dream Dogs, you are investing in a fantastic dog to spend the next 12-15 years of your life with. A dog who will be healthy and well mannered, and a best friend you can take on adventures. You are investing in full trainer support for the lifetime of your dog, and a guaranteed healthy pet.

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