Recent Dog Training Graduates

Meet some of our recent dog obedience graduates!

Dixie, lab/rottie mix

Dixie, Labrador/Rottweiler Mix

Dixie is a mixed breed who came to training because she was struggling with leash reactivity and dog aggression issues. Dixie is very social with people, but does not appreciate strange dogs in her space. In addition to working on dog obedience training with Dixie, we also taught her how to cope with stressors. We do not expect her to interact with strange dogs. All we need from her is to be able to tolerate dogs she may see when out and about.

Sophie, Portuguese Water Dog

We generally work with two groups of dogs: those who we are having to fix behavioral issues, and those where we can stop them from ever starting. Sophie belonged to the second group, and is a very impressionable Portuguese Water Dog who was a blank slate for us. She has great food drive and loves to please, and has a lovely temperament. When we got the chance to work with Sophie, we started off by building a solid communication system as well as good dog obedience foundations. Then we took our training on the road, and made sure that Sophie could do all these behaviors anywhere she went.

Luppa, Cane Corso

Luppa came to training when she was 8 months old. Cane Corso’s are a powerful working breed that require training from an early age. Starting this early means that we can instill good habits rather than having to break bad habits. You can see that Luppa has awesome food drive! She also loves to work for praise, and for life rewards like playing with her friends. Luppa was struggling with some skin and coat issues when we first met her, but we were able to help her owners with some dietary changes that helped her feel her best.

Dog Obedience Training in Louisville

If you would like your dog to achieve the same success as Dixie, Sophie, and Luppa, reach out to us to schedule your free evaluation. We offer training options to fit a variety of behavior issues, breeds, and budgets.