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The Heart of Kentucky Dog Training

D’Wildcat 16130 IGP3 “Wild”

Wild is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois who trains and competes in the sport of IGP, formerly known as IPO and schutzhund. This sport includes tracking, obedience, and protection, and is challenging for both dog and handler. Wild is a wonderful working dog, and also loves going swimming, playing ball, and hiking. He has had quite a bit of success as a competition dog, and his achievements are listed below.

2/19 IPO1-High in Trial, High IPO1, High Protection

4/19 IGP2-High IGP2, High Protection

6/19 IGP3-Tied for High Protection and High Obedience

9/19 IGP3- DVG Southeastern KG Regionals 3rd Place

10/19 IGP3- AWMA Nationals 5th Place

**Qualified for 2020 FMBB World Championships in Aubigny Sur Nere, France**

I’Modoc Des Loups Roccia Nera CGC RATI RATN ETD “Modoc”

Modoc is a 5 year old Belgian Tervuren who was imported from France when he was 11 weeks old. You may have seen him in our training videos, as he is one of our master distraction dogs that can stay neutral to other dogs and help proof their obedience. Modoc has had a busy life, and has been trained in obedience, rally, agility, disc, barn hunt, dock diving, IPO/Schutzhund, Mondioring, and conformation. Unfortunately, Mo has some health issues that have prevented him from competing. He did earn a few Barn Hunt and trick dog titles, and will hopefully be able to compete in nosework in the future.

Psyct’s Temper The Wind at WayOut BH BN RN CGC CD “Temper”

Temper is an 8 year old Australian Cattle Dog who joined us at 3 years old on a co-own with Rebecca Elder at WayOut Australian Cattle Dogs. She is a great training assistant when I am teaching lessons, and loves to play with her brothers at home. Temper competes in competition obedience and rally, and has earned titles in both. She also has her IPO BH and is frequently the neutral dog for training exercises and Canine Good Citizen tests.

FHF Riggs “Riggs”

Riggs is a 15 month old Border Collie who just joined us in mid-June. Riggs is a drivey boy who will be competing in agility, obedience, and tracking.

Hidden Asset CGC OA OAJ CLR-1 “Zoe”

Zoe was the dog who started it all! She was feral when we got her, but ended up being a wonderful first sport dog who taught me a lot of important lessons. Zoe competed in agility, obedience, rally, junior showmanship, dock diving, and disc dog. Her accomplishments include a 2nd place at a Disc Dog World Qualifier, multiple gold medal finishes at the Ohio State Fair agility competition, and multiple High in Class and a High Combined award in 4-H. She was getting ready to go to Orlando to compete at a national championship for junior handlers when she unfortunately got injured and had to be retired. She is now living out her days by the pool, catching the occasional frisbee.

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