April Dog Training Class: 2020

We had an awesome, diverse group of dogs for April! Each of these dogs was enrolled in our distraction program, which is a three week program where the dogs learn on and off leash obedience around distractions. Let’s take a look at each of our graduates for this month.

Sebastian, Standard Poodle from Louisville, KY

Sebastian came to us for the first time when he was a younger puppy to work on manners, obedience foundations, and potty training. He came back at 6 months old to finish his training, and we are super happy with everything that he has accomplished. Sebastian has a busy household, so the ability to listen around distractions is really important for him. He also has a big, beautiful yard that his family wants to be able to enjoy with him off leash, so his off leash recalls were a big item on our list.

Ajax, German Shepherd from Lexington, KY

Ajax is a panda shepherd from Lexington Kentucky who was struggling with pretty severe leash reactivity. He is actually very social with dogs in off leash situations, but when on leash gets frustrated and lashes out. This is an extremely common issue with German shepherds, and we see it all the time. Teaching Ajax a solid heel command, a system of communication, and adding dog distractions to his obedience training was the ticket to giving Ajax success.

Skye, Silver Lab from Vine Grove, KY

Skye also came for an initial training week when she was a younger puppy, to work on taking food nicely, potty training, obedience foundations, and jumping. She was starting to develop some “stranger danger” reactivity, which can happen as young dogs age and go through fear periods. Skye is now back to her happy, social self, and has strong obedience to give her a bright future.

Scout, Collie Mix from Greenup, KY

Scout is a lovely collie mix who was having a few issues adjusting to having a new baby in the house. He also had some issues with leash manners, and liked to pull when on walks, and bark at the mailman when he walks up to the house. We taught Scout new skills, and a solid communication system of reward and correction, and now he is ready to go back home and tackle all of the challenges of home.

Hank, Cockapoo from Versailles, KY

Hank is a spunky young Cockapoo whose rambunctious nature was getting him into trouble. He was chewing on things that he shouldn’t have, excessively barking in the yard, and wouldn’t come in from the yard when asked. We have done a lot of work to channel Hank’s energy into more productive outlets, and to make him a more enjoyable dog to live with.