Calvin-Golden Retriever

Golden retriever from health tested parents.

Calvin is a Golden retriever that we are very excited to have in our program. His parents are fully health tested according to the recommendations from the Golden Retriever Club of America (Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Genetic Disease Clearances), and his father is a working therapy dog. He has a 26 month health guarantee on genetic health.

Calvin is enrolled in our Dream Dog program, and is available to go home with one of several training packages. We have packages ranging from the very basics, to very advanced levels of training with off leash reliability.

We work with you very closely to make sure that all of the training transfers to you and your family, and are committed to your puppy for their entire life.

Calvin’s Graduation Dates

Gold: June 28th

Platinum: August 28th

All Puppies Graduate With:
Dog Bed (Kuranda)
Puppy supplies and necessary equipment.

Gold: Training to 6 months of age, $12,000
Dogs who are in our Gold program have their Canine Good Citizen complete, and have all of the necessary skills to be a model citizen. They are still puppies, and are not yet totally mature, but they have a solid understanding of obedience commands and are well equipped for everyday life.
Fully understand sit, down, stay, come, heel, place, wait, kennel, out, break, and no.
Conditioned to a remote collar.
Off leash recalls around distractions.
Able to hold a sit stay for 1 minute, a down stay for 15 minutes, and a place for 2 hours.
Excellent leash manners and heeling with auto sits.
Able to retrieve and drop a ball on command.
Canine Good Citizen certification.

Platinum: Training to 8 months of age, $15,000
Platinum graduates are the cream of the crop. These dogs have been around the block, and have more life experience than most adult dogs. They have traveled to multiple states, worked around a ton of distractions, and been proofed for a variety of real life experiences. Dogs in this program can have customized experiences, such as introductions to horses, cats, boats, golf carts, or whatever else is part of your life that you want your dog to be part of.
Off leash reliable for all commands included in Gold package.
Customized distraction work to suit your lifestyle.
Travel experience.
Exposure to countless experiences and places.
Knows how to swim.
Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Canine Good Citizen Urban certifications.

Calvin’s Parents

Waterfront’s Sally Free and Easy

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Waterfront’s Roy Clark

OFA Results

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