Puppy Training

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Adding a new puppy to your family is an exciting and joyful event, but it can also come with some problems. Your new addition might struggle with house training, chew on your baseboards, or dig holes in your flower bed. Fortunately, training can start at an early age, and we can start a foundation with your puppy that will give you a well behaved dog for the next 10-15 years.

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We offer a few different programs for puppy raising and training. These programs differ from our regular programs because the needs of your puppy are different than the needs of an adult dog. Graduates of all puppy programs will receive a discount on any future adult dog training programs*.

Puppy Training Phone Consultations

Is your new addition chewing on the sofa?

Are you struggling with house breaking your new puppy?

Spend one hour on the phone with Sam, and you will have the answers that you need to make your puppy much more enjoyable to live with. Phone consultations allow us to focus on your individual issues and concerns, and allow us to work with people all over the country.

During this phone call, you can ask any questions that you have about your puppy. You will get training solutions tailored to your individual situation, and will get the unique perspective of a trainer who has 10 years of experience in various fields of rescue, dog sports, and behavior modification.

After your phone call, you will receive a written training plan so that you have all of Sam’s suggestions in writing. This is a great resource for you to have, and lets you always have something to look back on as you go through the training process. Follow-up phone calls are also available, but most people find that one or two phone sessions makes a massive difference in their puppy raising experience.

Initial Phone Consult (1 hr): $65

Follow-Up Phone Sessions (30 min): $25

Puppy Foundations: Private Lessons

We offer an abbreviated private lesson program to get you and your puppy off on the right paw. This program includes two private lessons where will show you how to start potty training, teaching good manners, and giving your puppy a good obedience foundation.

Puppy Foundations: $225

More about Puppy Foundations.

Puppy Board and Train

We also offer two different boarding school options for puppies. Our Potty Training Primer is a program where your puppy will stay with us for one week to establish good manners in the crate and to start them on the right path with potty training. When your puppy goes home, you will have a written out schedule, a blueprint on how to progress, and unlimited trainer support.

One step up from that is our Puppy Jump Start board and train. Your puppy will stay with us for 10-14 days, and will learn crate training, potty training, manners in the house, social skills with people and dogs, and an obedience foundation. This program includes 2 lessons at our facility.

Puppy raising programs are also available.

Potty Training Primer: $400

Puppy Jump Start: $975

*Graduates from puppy programs receive a 10% discount on future training with us.

Find out more about our puppy programs.

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