Puppy Training

We offer puppy raising programs for both pet puppies and sport puppies (IGP, Mondio, comp OB, etc). Programs are available at a lengths from 1-12 months, with shorter programs sometimes available upon request.

Pet Puppy Raising Programs

Raising a young puppy is a stressful, time consuming undertaking. Proper potty training requires early morning wake up call, and crate training can mean a few nights of noise when you are getting started. Socialization is critical, and falling short can mean that your dog deals with fear or aggression issues later in life. Obedience skills can be learned at any age, but the best bet is to start as early as 8 weeks old to get a foundation in learning.

Our puppy raising programs allow you to take advantage of a professional raising your puppy for those critical early weeks. Our baseline program is our one month program. We start with the basics: be quiet in your crate, go to the bathroom outside, don’t jump on me or put your teeth on me. We teach your puppy how to politely greet new people and how to be excited about petting without wanting to get mouthy. We introduce them to car rides, climbing up and down stairs, and different ground surfaces they might encounter.

We also start foundation obedience skills, and build these skills week to week. Sit, down, stay, place, come, wait, kennel, and a release command will all be introduced. We teach them how to walk nicely on a leash, introduce them to working around distractions, and build impulse control skills. Contact us to reserve a program start date for your puppy. Pricing listed at the end of this page.

Sport Puppies

Puppy raising programs for sport dogs are completely customizable to your goals. Obedience foundations can be set with your puppy, and that extends beyond just building behaviors. We teach one-way engagement, rear end awareness, play skills, channeling drive into obedience, and the critical building blocks that will be part of the end picture. Tracking can also be introduced, and we can take your puppy from scent pads to learning long straight legs, articles, restarts, corners, and correct behavior on the track. We can organize protection work for your puppy while they are here (contact us to find out about protection rates).

This program is a fantastic option for people who don’t have the time to dedicate to building the right foundation for their puppy.

1 Month: $2000

2 Months: $3800

3 Months: $5000

4 Months: $6200

5 Months: $7000

6 Months: $7500

12 Months: $9500

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