Puppy Lesson Programs

We are still operating some programs during the Coronavirus outbreak. Click here to learn about our current policies.

Puppy Foundations

Our Puppy Foundations program is a good start for any young puppy, and is a great choice to tide you over until your puppy is old enough to enroll in a full program at 6+ months old. During this program, you will receive two private lessons where we will cover many different topics, ranging from nutrition to mouthing.

airedale retrieve

Many nuisance puppy behaviors, such as mouthing and chewing, can be quite simple to stop at a young age before they become a major issue. Adding in some good socialization protocols and some obedience foundations will allow you to eliminate behavioral issues before they ever start.

This program includes the curriculum listed below, trainer follow-up support, a puppy handout, and a discount on future training programs.

The cost of this program is $225

Items covered in my our puppy lessons…

playing ball
  • House training
  • Mouthing
  • Chewing
  • Jumping
  • House manners
  • Play skills (retrieve, tug, interactive toys)
  • Crate training
  • Leash skills
  • Socialization
  • Nutrition
  • Traveling
  • Genetics vs Environment
  • Handling for grooming/vet care

What If I Want More Puppy Lessons?

If you have been through our Puppy Foundations program and are hungry for more, additional lessons are available. As your puppy matures, there are lots of things that they can continue to learn and improve on. The Puppy Foundations program includes a discount on all future services, including both adult dog private lessons and board and train programs.

After graduating from our program, your puppy is also eligible for day training. During day training, we will come to your home and work with your puppy. We can cover any issues you are having, as well as teach new skills, and all at no hassle to you.


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