Puppy Boarding School

Puppy boarding school is a fantastic option for busy families who want to give their new puppy the best possible start. We offer several options to fit every puppy’s needs, and each program is customized to your goals for your puppy.

There have been changes to our boarding school policies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please click here to learn about how we are protecting our staff and clients.

Potty Training Primer

One of the biggest issues we see in adult dogs is issues with house training. This issue is easily preventable by giving puppies the right skills from the beginning. Our Potty Training Primer is a week long program that will teach your puppy the ins and outs of crate training, and will lay the foundation for potty training. We will get your puppy on a schedule, teach them how to be quiet and respectful in the crate and x-pen, show them that the right place to eliminate is outside, and then transfer all of these skills back to your home. You will also receive a written plan to continue the work, follow-up support, and a discount on future training.


Puppy Jump Start

The most important moments for socialization, foundation training, and house training happen when your puppy is quite young. Establishing the right behaviors from the beginning goes a long way in making your dog a well mannered family member. Young puppies may not be mature enough to retain advanced skills, but we can still lay a lot of the groundwork for future obedience. The Puppy Jump Start program includes 10-14 days of crate training, house training, obedience foundations, socialization, and developing good manners. This puppy boarding school program also includes two lessons to transfer the training, as well as a discount on future programs.


Puppy Raising

We currently have breeder partners in the following breeds: Golden Retriever

Contact us for more details.

Is Board and Train The Best Choice for You?

Board and train programs are a great option for busy people. During these programs, your puppy stays in our home and is completely immersed in training. We do all the hard work for you, and lay a foundation that is very easy for you to follow once your puppy returns home.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to invest in a board and train for a puppy is for potty training. Puppies often won’t sleep through the night in the beginning, and it can be frustrating trying to get them on a schedule. It can be hard to explain to your boss that you’re late because Fluffy kept you up all night!

We offer our board and train programs to help you avoid the stress of early potty training, and to allow you to enjoy your puppy even more. You will no longer have to worry about if you are doing things right, because we will show you how to handle your puppy through life.

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