Private Lessons

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Private lessons are one of our most popular training services. They are a fantastic option for those who want to have a big role in their dog’s training, and for people who need lots of one-on-one time with a trainer.

We offer two different options for private lessons: In-facility and in-home. A trainer may recommend a specific option, or you may choose one based on your lifestyle and if you would prefer to travel to us, or have us travel to you.

Private lesson programs can vary in length from 3-10+ sessions, depending on the individual needs of the client and the dog. A dog with some minor behavioral issues around the house may not need very many, whereas a service dog or a dog needing severe behavioral modification may need quite a few.

Private lessons normally last for an hour, and can include teaching new behaviors, reinforcing training, eliminating problem behaviors, and teaching you new management skills and protocols.

Manners Matter Program

Does your dog drag you down the street? Do guests get trampled when they come over?

The Manners Matter Program is a four lesson package that covers all of the skills that a normal dog needs to be a well behaved pet. We will come to your home, and work with your dog in their home environment to give you the best results. This program is best suited to dogs without any major behavioral issues. If your dog is just a bit too wild and energetic, then this program is the ideal fit for you.

We will cover:

  • Heeling/Loose Leash Walking
  • Door Manners
  • Place Command
  • Proper Greetings
  • Manners in the House

You will receive a written training report with everything that we teach to your dog. A training collar is also included in this program, along with follow up support from your trainer.

The cost of this program is $575.

Essentials Program

Essentials is the next step up. This program includes six private lessons in your home, and includes several additional commands. This program is ideal for those people who want a reliably trained dog that they can enjoy walking around the neighborhood and the local park. Your dog will no longer pull on the leash, bolt out the door, or beg at the table.

This program is also a good option for those who are dealing with minor behavioral issues with their dogs. Mild leash reactivity will be solved over the course of this program. Fear issues, confidence building, and behaviors such as car chasing and destructiveness can also be tackled.

This program includes:

  • Heeling/Loose Leash Walking
  • Sit Stays
  • Down Stays
  • Proper Greetings
  • Place Command
  • Come Command
  • House Manners
  • Solve Minor Behavioral Issues

This program involved six private lessons in your home, a training collar fit to your dog, and a written training plan of everything that you and your dog learn.

The cost of this program is $875.

Dream Dog Program

This program is the gold standard for anybody who wants to have the best behaved dog around. The Dream Dog program will give you the skills to handle your dog around distractions of all kinds and build duration in all of the obedience behaviors. Off leash control is included in this program, giving your dog more freedom to enjoy life.

This program is also a great fit for those who are dealing with major behavioral issues with their dogs. Separation anxiety, leash reactivity, aggression, and fear issues are behaviors that be embarrassing and frustrating to live with. Let us give you all of the skills to manage these behaviors, and to make handling your dog a breeze.

In addition to the commands covered in the Essentials program, Dream Dog includes:

  • Off Leash Control
  • Behavior Modification
  • Field Trip Lessons

When you sign up for the Dream Dog private lessons, you will receive eight different lessons. In addition to doing lessons in your home, we will do lessons where we will go train in a public park or similar area to proof your obedience around distractions. Your dog will also get four FREE days of Drop In training, where I will work with your dog while you go about your regular life.

A training collar and an off leash collar are both included in this program ($200 value). A muzzle is also included for those dogs who need it. Your dog will graduate this program with a written training plan that you will always have to look back on for a review of all that we have covered.

The cost of this program is $1475*.

Custom Programs

Want something you don’t see here? Let us customize a program for your individual goals. Advanced obedience, service dog work, and therapy dog work are common examples where we can set you up with private lessons that are custom to your individual needs.

*Severe aggression cases may take longer. If needed, additional private lessons can be added on for $75 each.

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