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Pajr-$10,000 SOLD

Pajr is a Mondioring 3 dog who holds the 3rd highest score for a MR3 title ever achieved in the United States with a score of 387/400. For such a highly competitive dog, he also is an amazingly stable dog. He is kid friendly, dog neutral, people social, and safe with small animals. Pajr is confident in all environments. He is right around 60 pounds, which is great for traveling and going anywhere in crowded places.  Pajr has wonderful house manners and great obedience. Perfect for doing activities all day long or just hanging out in the house. He loves a good game of fetch or would also be happy with a nice walk. Pajr is available to an approved home as an elite personal protection dog.

Check out some video of Pajr fighting through and demonstrating his willingness to defend as well as his obedience toward his handler.

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The biggest problem in the personal protection dog industry is that there is no standard of training that companies have to work toward. The best protection dog training in the world is being done through internationally recognized sport programs, and yet most places have no experience in these systems. All of our dogs are brought up in a Mondioring program to ensure that you get the best quality training you can find. The team that we work with has produced multiple dogs who have gone on to represent the United States at the World Championships, year after year after year.

What makes mondioring so special? Mondioring is the only international sport that focuses on real world obedience. Distractions, changing environments, and every day challenges are build into the sport, and provide the building blocks for the perfect personal protection dog. The dogs are trained to bite a full body suit versus a single sleeve, and have better targeting and striking than traditional programs can offer. You don’t have to be a competitor to benefit from this incredible sport program. The average family needing a highly trained protection dog can reap all of the benefits.

Get a Personal Protection Dog for the real world.


Mondioring is the only international dog sport that focuses on distractions and reliability in real world obedience. The dogs must perform heeling, position changes, retrieves, scent discrimination, and food refusals under high levels of distractions. The scenarios change each time the dog goes to trial, so they must always be prepared for everything. This mimics your day to day life, where your routines will change, you will travel, and you will have different scenarios to take your dog into.


A personal protection dog doesn’t do you any good if you can’t take him anywhere. In order for a dog to even step onto the field in Mondioring, they must demonstrate sociability and stability around people, dogs, and environmental stressors. They must be able to handle travel, loud noises, moving surfaces, gunfire, and other pressures that this sport shows to the dog. There is no other international dog sport that asks more from a dog’s character when it comes to stability.


The Mondio jumping exercises are extremely demanding, and ask a lot of a dog. Part of the reason that you see almost exclusively Belgian malinois in the sport of mondio is that the jumping exercises set them apart. It takes an athletic, powerful dog to be able to climb and jump at the heights required in this sport. What does that mean for your protection dog? A strong, fit, healthy dog is always the best investment when it comes to a dog who will be defending your family for years to come.


People who are going to mug you on the street are not wearing an arm sleeve. People who break into your house are not going to play nice. The sport of mondioring is set up to challenge the dog, and to make sure he can handle multiple different scenarios. The defense of handler exercise, for example, is on a different level in mondioring than it is in different sports. Your dog must stay with you and be vigilant until the “bad guy” shows aggression toward you. In mondio, the decoy will shake your hand, have a conversation with you, play catch with you, sit on a chair with you, and thousands of other scenarios before he ever shows aggression. This creates a dog who is very stable in situations where real world things are happening, and who can switch on and off when asked.

Mondioring also requires a high degree of obedience from the dog while doing protection. Dogs are required to return immediately off of a bite when they hear you whistle, and will release the decoy and guard him when you ask. Higher level dogs can search and alert to the presence of someone, guard an object while you walk away, and do advanced bitework with accessories and obstacles trying to hold them back. All dogs are also exposed to gunfire scenarios.

The Process

Once you let us know that you are interested in a protection dog, we will schedule a phone interview to make sure that you are a good fit. Then we will make sure that we have the perfect dog in training to fit you and your family’s goals. Once your dog is selected for you, we will set up time for a trainer and a training decoy to fly out to meet you with your dog. They will spend a week with you running you through scenarios and showing you how to work with your new family protector. Monthly follow-up training is included for the first year with your new dog, to make sure that you get lots of practice with your dog. Please reach out in advance of when you would like to get your dog, as we are on a 3-6 month wait list.

(Less than 100 dogs have reached Mondioring 3 in the 20 years that the sport has been in the United States. This represents an exceedingly high level of training.)

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