Online Training

We offer personal dog training coaching through our online platform, with options to fit every budget! Online dog training is the perfect way to bring you the training you have always wanted, without ever having to leave the house. We cover a ton of different topics, through video tutorials that walk you through our training process. This step by step approach allows you to train your dog yourself, with the exact same methods and tools that top professionals use. We will show you the how to’s, and also explain why we teach things the way we do, and how to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

This program is suitable for dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds, and personalities. Some of the dogs that benefit from what we cover include…

  • Puppies who bark and cry in the crate
  • Puppies who like to bite and grab at your fingers, toes, or clothes
  • Puppies who seem to struggle with house breaking, no matter what you do
  • Puppies who are so excited to see people that they are hard to take out for walks
  • Puppies who just won’t settle down in the house, and get into everything
  • Dogs who pull on leash and drag you everywhere
  • Dogs who jump on guests, or rush out the door when people come over
  • Dogs who bolt when off leash, and won’t come when you call them
  • Dogs who hate having their nails trimmed
  • Dogs who will do things for a treat, but ignore you when there are distractions or the treat isn’t there

And the best part is? You can join for as little as $7 a month! With new tutorials and video examples being added all the time, this is a tremendous value for the dog owner who is looking to have the well mannered dog of their dreams.

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What we cover

Perfect Pet Dog Obedience

Heeling: Your dog should walk calmly at your side, not be dragging you down the street. We will teach them to walk on a loose leash, even around people and dogs.

Place: Your dog will be able to understand to go to their bed when you ask them, and to stay there until you release them. Even with the distractions of people are walking in the door, or you are sitting at the table to eat dinner, your dog will understand to stay on their bed until you release them.

Recall: If you have ever experienced having to chase your dog around the neighborhood because they bolted out the door, you know how important a recall is. Your dog needs to know that they should come when you call them, 100% of the time.

Manners: Bolting out the door, jumping all over you, barking out the window, getting on the counter, and other problem behaviors are all things that we will help you eliminate. A well mannered dog is a joy, and is a dog that you can truly enjoy.

Behavior Issues: Some dogs have issues that extend beyond obedience and manners. We can help you work through issues with reactivity (barking and lunging on leash), fear issues, seperation anxiety, and other behavior problems that you may be dealing with.

All Things Puppy: Avoid problem behaviors before they start! We cover everything to do with raising an awesome puppy, and getting them off to a perfect start. Learning crate training, house breaking, stopping jumping/nipping, figuring out obedience, and learning how to chill out!

Sport Dog Training

IGP: IGP or Schutzhund is a 3 phase sport with a lot of challenges. We will walk you through the training we are doing with current dogs, and how we teach behaviors in all 3 of the phases (tracking, obedience, protection).

Competition Obedience: Are you having issues with your heeling, or with your retrieves? Follow along with AKC obedience dog Clue, and watch him learn all of his AKC obedience behaviors with joy and precision.

Puppy Foundations: Having a sport puppy can feel like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll show you how I raise my puppies, how I start and build engagement, and how to get that all important foundation that everyone is always talking about.

Mondioring: Watch Wild, a national level IGP dog, transition to Mondioring. Follow his journey to his first trials, watch how I train and proof different exercises, and watch how I work on protection skills when we do not have a decoy.

Pricing Tiers

Pet Dog Essentials


-All of our pet dog content!

-Video tutorials and lessons

-Step by step training

Sport Dog Essentials


-All of our sport dog content, plus the pet dog content!

-Video tutorials and lessons

-Step by step training

-Access to exclusive Facebook group community

-Access to live Q&A sessions

Personal Coaching


-Everything from the lower tiers

-Submit videos of your training progress for personal feedback and coaching

-Detailed feedback to help you make your training perfect

Top Dog


-Everything from the lower tiers

-4 live video a lessons a month, covering whatever topics you would like to work on

-Coaching and feedback in real time, and a professional trainer guiding you through the process via Zoom or Facetime

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